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Sandy56239 6 years ago
I want a machine to fuck my pussy like that. Uuuummm
Vinny 7 years ago
God she was so beautiful and so sexy and her body was amazing and she was one of the sexiest black women in porn I miss you Jada you were a goddess
EBONY LOVER 8 years ago
4 years ago
Good pussy like that is hard to come by nowadays
venom 8 years ago
Wanna suck her toes
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I would fuck her anytime
Johnboy 5 years ago
As a white guy... that was just great. As it always is when seeing a gal get off on a mechine like this. No denying that she came real hard. She enjoyed the ride. I enjoyed watching her. Just nicely done. She is cute too
@venom 6 years ago
Rightt. I would love to suck her toes while fucking her
lol 6 years ago
good pussy
Black pussy 3 years ago
I want a machine nine to fuck me like that