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fine 7 years ago
a woman can do withour a man
Magan 9 years ago
She's not a man but she is wearing a wig. She's just not the prettiest girl in the world. Say she was a man.... I still wouldn't believe it cuz no plastic surgeon can do that good of a job.That's a real pussy folks.
Jasmine 11 years ago
OMG id put tht dildo more deeper thts a nice fuckin machine!
how stupid can you get? 11 years ago
Do you really think they could construct a vagina to look like that? Goddamn, there are stupid people on this site.
maastrikt 63 13 years ago
Hey anonymousse if you think she ugly show you own wife bet she looks like a pig!!!
momo 5 years ago
very nice pussy !
Nora 8 years ago
This is nice!
Big 12 years ago
The beginning sucked but it was worth it to see the mechanical one at the end. ;)
She was a guy? 11 years ago
Have you ever seen a post op transgender pussy? They don't look or stretch like that. She's a chick......
Ken 5 years ago
I want that wet pussy