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SMH 5 years ago
1st I'd like to say DAMNNNNN That's a nice ASS! 2nd The fourth Hokage is watching them in that damn painting LMAO
MaleBrain 8 years ago
It is so funny that women bitch that porn gives men unrealistic expectations but 50 shades and twilight are big hits....well they have their B.S. and we have DRAGON LILY!
248yaktown 8 years ago
Ok, now who would make her their baby mama?
Looks like my ex 9 years ago
That fucking ass.
Milo 10 years ago
Damn, she looks great, such a fat ass!
mambosauce 12 years ago
My next wife will be a phatass Asian like Dragon who'd let me ride in her asshole.
heavenly father 12 years ago
jesus christ in heaven she is the best i've ever seen
7PM 12 years ago
I would crack her fortune cookie open and wear her as a hat
What?? 5 years ago
She got THICK. In her early days she was really skinny.
Mark 4 months ago
Wish that was me on her she is fine everything is perfect dam it